Archangel Michael White Sage Smudge Spray for Clearing and Protection


  • WHITE SAGE MIST: Set clear intentions and cleanse your mind, body, and spirit of negative energies
  • CLEANSE ANYWHERE: Ideal for home, work, school, and other places where burning sage isn't an option
  • AMPLIFIED ENERGY: Each bottle contains 3 small quartz crystals to enhance the mist's cleansing power
  • PURE INGREDIENTS: Purified water infused with real white sage, witch hazel, and quartz crystal
  • HANDMADE WITH LOVE: Charged by a certified Reiki Master and Angel healer during a sacred ceremony
(243 customer reviews)

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Introducing the Archangel Michael White Sage Smudge Spray, lovingly handcrafted by Angel Healer Tom to provide you with the ultimate solution for clearing negative energies and ensuring protection in any space. This powerful and divine blend, inspired by the celestial guidance of Archangel Michael himself, harnesses the potent properties of ethically sourced White Sage to create a sanctuary of harmony and tranquility.

As an experienced Angel Healer, Tom is committed to using only the finest ingredients to produce this smokeless, eco-friendly spray. Each batch is mindfully crafted and blessed in a sacred ceremony, where light and love infuse every bottle, transforming them into vessels of positivity and well-being.

Gone are the days of traditional smudging, where smoke and ash could be overwhelming. Our easy-to-use, handcrafted spray allows you to purify your surroundings with just a few spritzes. The Archangel Michael White Sage Smudge Spray is perfect for homes, offices, or sacred spaces, fostering an environment of serenity and protection.

In addition to its cleansing abilities, our White Sage Smudge Spray calls upon the protective energies of Archangel Michael to shield you and your space from negativity and unwanted influences. Experience a heightened sense of spiritual connection and inner strength as you invoke the presence of this mighty guardian.

With just a few sprays of Archangel Michael White Sage Smudge Spray, lovingly crafted by Angel Healer Tom, you'll not only clear your space of negative energies but also create an impenetrable shield of protection. Experience a newfound sense of peace, serenity, and empowerment as you surround yourself with the divine guidance of Archangel Michael and the handcrafted love in every bottle. Don't wait; transform your space and elevate your spirit today!

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Weight 5.5 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 6 in

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243 reviews for Archangel Michael White Sage Smudge Spray for Clearing and Protection

  1. Carey

    Love this sage. Take it with me when I travel or use around the house

  2. david

    The item is very good

  3. Trent

    Very High Vibrational product! Gratitude!

  4. Brent

    Arrived just as described. Excellent seller! Thanks a lot!

  5. srelisala

    Gifted to a dear sister who is healing and recovering. She loved it!!!!

  6. starfish911

    Love it! Definitely will get more in the future!

  7. Yesenia

    love this! I use it to cleanse my crystals & area for my Reiki Sessions! awesome, it’s my go to!

  8. Martha Bristow

    Second time ordering and will not be the last! Can’t say enough abt the consistent great quality and customer service! Blessings to you Tom

  9. Pamela

    Excellent quality and wonderful service! 👍🥰

  10. aikidomiko

    I will buy this again. i started to burn it this morning and the house feels light and airy. i love it!

  11. aikidomiko

    this is my 5th or 6th bottle i cant remember which but this smudge is amazing. will keep coming back for this smudge spray!

  12. Jacqueline

    Nicely scented and wonderful when you don't want to light sage to cleanse a room. Thank you!

  13. Lothlorien

    First time buyer, loved my purchase and would buy again. Thank you!

  14. Nichole

    It's so convenient and smells awesome!

  15. Nichole

    These are so easy to use and so convenient. Will definitely buy again.

  16. Nichole

    Smell great and easy to use!

  17. Cynn

    I use these on go when I need to get positive energy around me .

  18. Cynn

    I carry this in my purse to gain positive energy around me .

  19. Brandi

    It's my third time ordering it I love it I will come back again

  20. Trent

    Amazing product! Will be buying more !

  21. Brent

    Arrived just as described. Excellent seller! Thanks a lot!

  22. mocsi1

    Best sage spray I’ve ever used!

  23. mocsi1

    I have now bought 3 of these, one I gave to a friend. Love this!

  24. Hermit

    Thank you again for everything that you do!

  25. gaudiagero

    Always a go to in our house.

  26. gaudiagero

    Always a fan favorite in my house.

  27. mocsi1

    Love this spray! Used it on my whole house & now am using it for general odors (litter boxes). In fact I need more. Time to order more!

  28. Brent

    Arrived just as described. Excellent seller! Thanks a lot!!

  29. Barbies

    It’s superb the best in the land

  30. Liam

    Very pleased & satisfied. Awesome. More than what I expected. Thank you!

  31. Hermit

    Thank you for keeping in touch with your letters! I appreciate all that you do with these! They've helped a lot!

  32. Sign in with Apple user

    Great product and good quality. I use it daily when praying for the children of the world.

  33. Sign in with Apple user

    Great product and excellent quality.

  34. Juliano

    Amazing product as always!

  35. Cortney

    Haven't used it yet, but everything about the packaging is great!

  36. Laura Sciacchi

    Very strong, but I love that. Totally feel the energy.

  37. Janice

    A great purchase, and well packaged. If your home needs cleansing, but you have modern smoke alarms, this is a great option.

  38. Linda

    2nd time purchasing. Great product!

  39. mary

    It’s absolutely amazing- highly recommend

  40. Hermit

    Thank you again, always a pleasure.

  41. Phuoc

    the item matches the destruction

  42. Elizabeth


  43. Andy

    Great stuff 2nd order of this stuff thank you

  44. Gertrude white

    I am enjoying my sage spray. Buying for my family members

  45. Sign in with Apple user

    Great Product! I received the product very fast!

  46. Linda

    This has a nice (not overpowering) scent and Shipped quickly. Very happy with my purchase!

  47. Marlene

    Just love my order met my expectations

  48. Inactive Etsy Member

    Smells lovely and I could feel a energetic shift

  49. Missy

    Awesome service!

  50. Mary Ann

    Very good quality spray. I appreciated that the order was fulfilled and shipped quickly. I will order again for sure.

  51. Julianna

    I'm happy with my purchase . I will be buying it again in the near future.

  52. Amanda Durocher

    Love this spray, thanks so much!

  53. sarahfor

    Excellent transaction, as described, fast ship and very well packed - thank you!

  54. Raven

    Very fast shipping! Thank you

  55. Elisa

    Thank you somethings going on in my life that this was much needed.

  56. Charlene

    Came on time! Smells so good not over-powering like the smoke version. Let's hope it works now and gets rid of all negative vibes. Will probably order more.

  57. Linda

    I love this spray and I am giving my son the rest of my first bottle to take on an extended business trip. Great for removing any negative energy from hotel rooms, etc. Easier than smudging and won't set off smoke alarms!

  58. Hermit

    Thank you again for everything that you do!

  59. Amy Clayville

    Just sprayed all my top corners of all my doorways and myself, lol. I love this kind and so convenient option to burning sage. Thank you!!!!

  60. TheOneandOnlyMia

    I swear this stuff works!! I was sad to see I could not get more but once their store had it again, I had to stock up. A must buy indeed! A++++

  61. Hermit

    Still the best place to get smudge spray. Thank you for the powerful energy you give to this!

  62. lesley

    Thank you for quick shipment, and great packaging. Lovely products.

  63. 0513miller

    I feel like this is a great product for beginners (I me).

  64. Yaz

    My mom always complains about incense smoke in the house so this is a great alternative! Love it.

  65. Reiki Love Light

    I love it! The smell is serene and lovely and the energy is subtle but powerful.

  66. Taisha

    Great service! Very efficient! I will continue to purchase from this shop! Thank you

  67. Nahnny

    Like it a lot, thanks

  68. Monica

    Divine scent! Love this shop and this is my second purchase from them. Will shop again!

  69. Patricia

    Excellent. Love the spray. Wonderful seller. Thank You

  70. debrahoover970

    Great scent. Highly recommend this product and seller.

  71. Kara Carr

    Haven't used the smudge spray yet. But the appearance is as pictured, item was well packaged, shipped quickly, nicely scented, and Tom was wonderful! I would happily purchase from this shop again.

  72. gaudiagero

    As always these products are wonderful!

  73. Martha Bristow

    Yes! It works! The product smells divine and it works! Energy changes in the areas it was sprayed. The scent is wonderful! Thank you!

  74. Clarissa

    This spray smells so good. I love using when I go stay in hotels. I really can’t use Palo santo while traveling. I also use it for quick clearings on my crystals as well. Love it. Thank you 🙏

  75. Leslee

    Smells amazing and love that I can smudge quickly when in a hurry. Very satisfied.

  76. sstjohn78

    Love this! These sprays are really concentrated and smell amazing. 💞

  77. Veronica

    I am very grateful and happy I purchased these! 🙏🏽 I can’t wait to start using these. 💝

  78. Phoebe

    Love this spray, I use it everyday.

  79. Hermit

    Great as always, thank you!

  80. Veronica

    This smells AMAZING 😊. I am so grateful I found this shop. I will definitely order more from here.🙏🏽💝

  81. Patricia

    I love this spray. It works perfectly. Thanks so much. Will look for you again.

  82. Stephanie

    Perfect. Came earlier than expected too.

  83. vaab1030

    Spray was securely wrapped and the fragrance is wonderful. I certainly will consider reordering

  84. Alexandra

    I enjoy bringing this to work with me as I constantly spray myself and my surrounding area as I want to remain protected against any and all things toxic....I truly enjoy this spray....

  85. Brandi

    excellent product will definitely order again

  86. Brandi

    excellent product will definitely order again

  87. Maria

    Love it smell just like Palo santo. Definitely recommend.

  88. Jayne

    Fast shipping and amazing product

  89. Matilda

    The scent lasts. I sprayed it in a large conference room.

  90. ykstv17

    Nice spray! Smells pleasant! Thank you!

  91. Hermit

    I have used other forms of sage spray in the past. The spray is definitely charged and really helps out in cleansing both me and my space. Amazing Quality.

  92. skylolita

    Love the product and super fast delivery!

  93. skylolita

    Love the product and super fast delivery!

  94. The Basic Lady

    I love it. I'm a firm believer in sage and the protection energies that come from using it. This product is a game changer. No smokey heavy scent, but still powerful to do the job. 5 stars!

  95. Kayla

    Nice smelling fresh spray

  96. kim

    Lovely scent settles my mind and helps me relax and do schoolwork.

  97. amanda

    The product was decent , the one thing I didn’t like was mine had an alcohol tent smell to it. Overpowered the sage smell

  98. Maureen

    I placed my order and got it so quick. It was very safely packaged to protect it from breakage and it smelled incredible. I plan on purchasing from this person again very soon.

  99. Phoebe

    Lovely, Thank you so much !!

  100. aikidomiko

    my 4th purchase of the arch angel Michael spray. i absolutely love it! i use it in my room to clear the energy before bed, i cleanse my whole home with it. the smell is amazing and so calming. if i could get a subscription for this spray i totally wo

  101. Thuresa

    Super quick shipping. LOVE the product! Smell is strong but smells great. I will purchase this item again!!! Thank you!

  102. Barb

    Love the sage spray!

  103. Hannah

    Love it; it's a high quality, entirely natural, (but not too strong), smelling white sage smudge experience in a bottle. I love the convenience of spraying the essence on me when I come in the house, around the house occasionally and on my crystals w

  104. patricia

    great i hope it works out well for me. it came quickly thanks

  105. Mindy

    Packaging is great, love that it came with two sprayer caps, and the liquid container was sealed all around until ready for use.

  106. James

    Everything was great and perfect !!

  107. Melissa

    First time using the spray and it works very well. I take it with, very convenient.

  108. Joy

    I ordered a couple before, and it lasts a long time. I have to spray it at work or if I go out of town, it helps the energy. Love it! Thank you.

  109. Amber

    smells just like the one you burn

  110. Mariana

    I love love love this ! Thank you 🙏🏼 sending light and love

  111. agehrke515

    Fast secure delivery. Exactly what I wanted at a great price Very happy with entire transaction. Highly recommend. Will purchase from again. Thank you!!

  112. Schuyler

    Great product. The bottle was bigger than anticipated but I don't think that is a bad thing 🙂

  113. Sandra

    This spray smells amazing Fast shipping will order from this shop again

  114. Juliano

    Smells great. Will purchase again.

  115. Hermit

    Great product, is willing to send extra spray parts free of charge. Really cares about his clients. Appreciate every bit of it.

  116. Natalie

    Exactly what I needed! It shipped super fast and was packaged with care! Thank you!

  117. mcsusan8

    Always great products! Thank you!

  118. netcall4480

    I ordered this because it is not always convenient to burn sage. The scent is not the same as burning sage, but it does fill the need for saging without burning. Thank you.

  119. K

    Fast shipping! The smudge spray has a very strong scent, which I like. It's much easier to use the spray especially with the super cold winter weather where I live. Now I don't have to freeze outside in order to clean and clear my crystals. I'd purch

  120. papillon361

    Products is amazing. Love the scent. Very soothing.

  121. Rose

    Fulfilled my expectations..product came quickly !

  122. Josh

    Thank you for the spray and it was very well to you to make this I apricate.

  123. Pat

    Love it and it smells just like a good smudging!

  124. ChiChi

    Smells amazing and great energy. I use it around my altar and spray my apartment once a week 🙂

  125. Amanda Durocher

    Love this spray, I use it daily throughout my house.

  126. CAROL

    I am a healer and I enjoy smudging my home and work area with this spray. Thank you for your help in sending this to me.

  127. Carol

    Exactly as shown. Came quickly. It’s for a gift, so have not used it. Thank you

  128. Tiffany

    Smells amazing! I love it!

  129. Amanda Durocher

    Great spray! I use it all the time.

  130. Carol

    Grateful for the quick shipment. This was a gift. It got there on Christmas Eve. She loved it.

  131. Carol

    Great attention to shipping. Lovely product. Got rave reviews from the recipient.

  132. Inactive Etsy Member

    Fabulous! Thank you! What lovely stone did you send me as a gift? I love that too!!

  133. Quintashia

    Thank you so much 😊

  134. Jody

    I love love love the smell of this spray!!!! Do you make a bigger bottle?? Thank you!!!

  135. shannon

    Great product and fast shipping. Very happy, thanks!


    Fast shipping....will order from this site again. My son will love this to chase the spirits away.

  137. TheOneandOnlyMia

    quality is great, scent is pleasant, and surprisingly after using it I feel lighter like a weight has been taken off. great seller and fast shipping. highly recommend.

  138. yolanda

    Just as described and fast delivery.

  139. Carol

    Gratitude for the fast delivery, This is the the best smudge I have found!

  140. Jane

    Wonderful aroma. Shipped very quickly too.

  141. t

    The scent is awesome and it creates an aura of protection.

  142. Amanda Durocher

    Love this spray! I use it every day!

  143. Tracey

    Excellent spray that does not have an overwhelming scent; I cannot wait for it to keep all negativity out of my life and keep me protected! Excellent seller, included 2 spray tops which is greatly appreciated, super fast shipping and I will definitel

  144. TheOneandOnlyMia

    recommend this seller please check it out

  145. Wendy

    My friend is going to love this! Thanks!

  146. True Colors Art Designs

    Thank you!

  147. reenergized56

    The awesome scent lasts longer expected

  148. Amanda Durocher

    Love this spray, I use it daily!

  149. Jazmine

    Lovely thank you 🤍

  150. Lisa

    Daughter loves this sage spray. Perfect transaction. Thank you.

  151. Shirley

    I loooove this spray , it is amazing and not overpowering like sage and incense can be.

  152. satkaarya

    This spray was exactly as described, smells really good and works well for intended purpose. I purchased one for a friend also and she loves it. Shipped very quickly. Would definitely buy again.

  153. Maria

    I am very pleased with my purchase! 🙂

  154. Marla

    lovely scent and exactly as described!

  155. Linda

    Nice stuff, handier than burning sage.

  156. Macy

    Love the smell

  157. Amy

    Delivery was timely. The bottle contains a lovely scent true to white sage. A blessing accompanied the bottle. (Blessings are always appreciated, and I send one back.) All in all, it was a lovely experience.

  158. Maria

    Really impressed with everything I didn't expect it to come with a box and 2 spray pumps would be great as a gift. FYI it does smell like sage.

  159. aikidomiko

    3rd time ive ordered! I absolutely love this smudge spray!

  160. Linda

    Arrived quickly, nicely packaged. I wanted a spray for when creating smoke is not allowed (hotel rooms, as an example). I love your shop!

  161. Lisa

    Smells wonderful. Definitely meet my expectations.

  162. beagleybrenda1

    Packaged well and arrived time. Love the scent-would definitely purchase from this buyer again!

  163. VonaJi

    This spray smells amazing, and it has crystals in the bottle- what a special touch! It arrived in a timely manner & the seller sent me two spray nozzles which was also a nice detail. Will order again. 😀

  164. Maria

    I love this product and use it daily 🙂

  165. Lorraine Jackson

    I love the White Sage smudge spray very much! I use it daily to keep my home protected.

  166. Shari

    Love the smell ! The seller was very helping with my order. Will purchase from this shop again. Thank you !

  167. Mica

    Item was well package and arrived in good condition. It has a fresh scent and I'm happy with this item.

  168. Nancy

    Great! relaxing, smell good ...🙏

  169. Maria

    I am very pleased with my purchase! 🙂

  170. Amy

    Love it! Smells divine and shipped very quickly. Thank you so much!

  171. Beka

    This product has integrity and is PERFECT for times when you cannot light dried sage and use real smoke.

  172. Kayla

    Perfect as always, and arrived so quickly!

  173. Maria

    All I can say is - WOW! Best stuff ever! 🙂

  174. Melissa

    Amazing response to orders. Super fast shipping & great products. Thank you !

  175. Carina

    Love this smudge spray 🥰. Came very well packaged. 10/10 recommended

  176. MARY

    It was a nice product

  177. CapricornChick

    A powerful & refreshing scent! Space feels cleansed already! Fast shipping as well.

  178. Katie

    Nice perfect came quick

  179. Christi

    The smell of this is so earthy and divine. Love this so much! Thank you, immensely!

  180. Tosha

    Wonderful smell. Great packaging. Shipped fast. I sat with the energy after spraying it and I could feel it. I will definitely order again.

  181. Nancy

    Love spray great smell great Energy

  182. Anna

    Love this spray. Beautiful energy.

  183. Violet

    I love this spray!! Not only does it banish all negativity, but you can truly feel Archangel Michael's presence. This spray is very high quality, and I'll always have some on hand.

  184. Wardaron Tucker

    Great product and fast delivery!

  185. Carmela

    Smells very nice. Fast shipping and delivery!

  186. Cosmic

    Cool. I like it. Thanks.

  187. Mary

    Very calming and smells lovely!!! Thank you!

  188. Vennice

    Love these sprays! Beautiful packaging,would also make a great gift.

  189. Jessie

    Thank you so much!!!🙏🏼❤️🌞

  190. alex8582

    I love this spray. It smells really good. I spray it in my room and around my desk at work. I feel better and relaxed. It feels like the negative energy is gone.

  191. shayna

    Love the smell and I feel my space clear and protected after I use it. Thank you.

  192. Yolanda

    Enjoyed this item.

  193. deborah26


  194. Nani'z

    Great Product just what I needed fast shipping!

  195. Victoria

    I received the product very quickly and it smells fantastic! will be back for more!

  196. Jessie

    You can feel it working and smells good. Thank you!

  197. Anna Marie

    A comforting mist that comforts and decreases anxiety, as I imagine being protected and cleared from negative energy. With a good healing and meditative music and a soothing spray above me uplifts my spirits and brings positivity around me. This help

  198. Jade

    Received ahead of time and just as described. I'm happy with my purchase.

  199. Sarah

    Ordered this as a Christmas gift and the recipient was thrilled!

  200. Natalia Cruz

    Awesome seller! Shipped super fast and it was packaged so nicely and safely!!! Thank you so much!!!

  201. Kayla

    Thank you so much for this! The spray came safely in very eco-friendly packaging and with a very nice little note! I definitely felt relieved after spraying it around my home and myself. Thank you so much for taking the time to create this product 🙂

  202. Starseed

    I absolutely love the way this spray makes me feel. I will come again for more! Superb shipping as well! Great shop and owner!!!

  203. Candice

    Shipped on time, love the product, seller left a kind note. Will definitely be shopping here in the future.

  204. Dai'sean

    Delivered on time. Excellent Quality. Very Satisfied.

  205. Dai'sean

    Delivered on time. Good Quality. Very Satisfied.

  206. Michele

    I got this I don't know how long ago maybe two weeks ago was or so, it's the fastest thing I ever got from Etsy The seller was very quick to send it out came very fast I was surprised! as of yet I really can't leave a review on it because I haven't u

  207. Kayla

    I will definitely be purchasing again!

  208. Taedon

    Such a great product! Not only do I use it to cleanse negative energy from around and from within me, I also use to manifest other things as well! Second bottle I bought and will continue to buy again!

  209. Priscilla

    Love this stuff it smells so good. I spray it around the house and my home office to help me concentrate, I will order again!

  210. Betsy

    Super quick shipping!! Excellent product, xmas gift for my sister!! Nicely packaged! Excellent seller!! Will pass this site on with the gifts!! Thank you!!

  211. aikidomiko

    2nd bottle ive bought and will continue to buy! absolutely love the archangel michael spray!

  212. Virginia

    This is heaven in a bottle !!! Thank you so much Tom! ❤️

  213. Jean

    Arrived quickly, good packaging, friendly message. Can’t wait to use, hoping for good energy results!

  214. Trent

    Amazing spray! Thanks a million!

  215. Elaine

    this spray smells fantastic, thank you

  216. Carla

    Came fast and was very happy with the product. It smells very good.

  217. Kaylee

    Would recommend and will definitely order again too

  218. Amy

    I LOVE and LIVE by this spray in my office at work! Truly amazing!

  219. Amanda

    I love the sage spray!! It helps for Good energy and it smells great.

  220. Brian

    Shipped and arrived quickly! Sprayed a lot in my house and really helps! Felt lighter after!

  221. dkx2

    Excellent product. Super fast and secure shipping. Thank you. Will be back for more!!!

  222. Joy

    Love them! Thanks!

  223. pfritz75


  224. pfritz75

    I was not a fan of the scent. So I am blessing the outside of my home

  225. Brenda

    Absolutely loved this, the smell was wonderfully sage and small hints of other dents. Was way beyond my expectations thank you for a wonderful product and I will be ordering more....... great product thank you and many blessings.

  226. Katelyn

    Very happy! Fast shipping too

  227. Dakota

    Love this product thank you

  228. Noel

    great use it all the time

  229. Bailey

    Arrived quickly and nicely packaged! Pleasant and not overbearing smell for my son with asthma. Love the crystals incorporated into bottle. Also really like the quality and esthetic of the label on the bottle, nicely done! Will be purchasing from own

  230. lyradcruz17

    Product came in faster than expected and in great condition. The product smells amazing!!! Would purchase again ❤️

  231. Brenda Tyler

    this is a very nice item and I am really enjoying it. Thank you

  232. aikidomiko

    Thank you so much. I use this at the start of the day and when i get home from work to melt away the negative energy from work. it makes me feel more at peace and relaxed.

  233. Brenda

    i loved this sage spray, very good quality and i really like the crystal mixed with the spray

  234. Kenyetta

    I am so happy with my purchase!! I was worried that some of the products would leak.... nothing to worry about!!

  235. Stormey

    A must have ❤️ certainly will be buying again

  236. PaigeSaige

    I take this work and spray around my office. I love it.

  237. Jill

    I used spray on my yoga mat right before my practice and it was fantastic!!! I have also used on my mediation pillow before mediation it’s MAGICAL!!!!! Delivery was sooooo quick!!!!

  238. Jeanna

    Got my order in🌺🌺🤗🤗😍😍

  239. bpreciado83

    Super easy to use and convenient size. I'm not fan of the smell but it does not linger and goes away quick.

  240. Carmela

    Infused with crystals and light smell I like that I can sage smudge particular products or materials making sure they are cleansed vs having to punt something and u can take it where ever. Smaller than I thought for the price that it is but I am well

  241. John

    This has a great scent and very convenient.

  242. Elizabeth

    Totally what I wanted and needed. Thank you 🙂 Everyone stay safe, healthy and blessed!

  243. Shaurice

    Love it

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