White Sage Smudge Spray for Clearing and Protection – Smokeless Liquid Smudging Spray  Infused with Quartz Crystals – Negative Energy Cleansing Mist – 4 Fluid Ounces

  • WHITE SAGE MIST: Set clear intentions and cleanse your mind, body, and spirit of negative energies
  • CLEANSE ANYWHERE: Ideal for home, work, school, and other places where burning sage isn’t an option
  • AMPLIFIED ENERGY: Each bottle contains 3 small quartz crystals to enhance the mist’s cleansing power
  • PURE INGREDIENTS: Purified water infused with real white sage, witch hazel, and quartz crystal
  • HANDMADE WITH LOVE: Charged by a certified Reiki Master and Angel healer during a sacred ceremony

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We offer free shipping anywhere in the U.S. A skilled delivery team will bring the boxes into your office.

We offer free shipping anywhere in the U.S. A skilled delivery team will bring the boxes into your office.

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Heal, create, and protect a life filled with positive energy using the Archangel Michael White Sage Smudge Spray. Drawing upon the ancient practice of white sage smudging for healing, ceremonial, and energy clearing work, Heal the Masses has created this smokeless alternative that allows you to energetically cleanse and clear yourself, objects, and spaces of negative energies. Begin by creating a sacred space and making your intentions clear. Mist the white sage spray liberally and chant or recite a  prayer or mantra if you wish.
Burning a sage wand is not always an option as it could set off smoke alarms, trigger asthmatic symptoms, or it’s not allowed in public spaces. Our smudging spray is safe to use to clear away negative energies anytime, anywhere. Use the spray to cleanse your mind and body as well as your home, dormitory, or desk at work.  It’s also ideal for cleansing sacred objects or items of sentimental value.
Each bottle includes 3  small quartz crystals to amplify the spray’s cleansing and clearing power. The quartz is a power stone that enhances energy by absorbing, storing, amplifying, balancing, focusing, transmitting, and channeling universal energy. Quartz is also capable of dispelling  negativity and purifying and clarifying mental, physical, and spiritual planes.
The mists are  handmade in small batches using purified water, witch hazel, organic sage (salvia apiana and salvia officinalis), and crystal quartz.
We hand make our white sage sprays in small batches to create an extension of healing and love towards you. They spray is charged by a certified Reiki Master and Angel Healer during a sacred ceremony where white sage and frankincense are burned and the human energetic heart-link and angelic heart-link create the love, protection, and light that is focused and channeled into the white sage smudge spray.

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