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Reiki/IET Angel Healing Session

45min duration
Home Office

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Angel Healer Tom Presents: The Ultimate Healing Experience
Welcome to a sanctuary of divine healing and transformation. At, Angel Healer Tom offers you an exclusive, 45-minute session that integrates the potent healing energies of Reiki, IET (Integrated Energy Healing), and Angel Healing. Your well-being—body, mind, and spirit—is our sacred mission.

What to Expect:

Personalized, Integrated Healing: Angel Healer Tom begins each session by tuning into your unique energy signature. By skillfully weaving together Reiki, IET, and Angel Healing, your 45-minute journey will be tailored specifically to your needs.

Sacred Atmosphere: Each session takes place in a serene home office studio, where incense wafts through the air and soft music plays, setting the tone for deep relaxation and spiritual connection.

Detailed Rituals: Your session starts with the resonant sounds of a singing bowl, followed by a heartfelt prayer. As Tom calls down the angels, you'll feel the atmosphere turn increasingly sacred and energetically charged.

Comfort First: As you lay fully clothed on a plush massage table, covered with a soft blanket, you'll find yourself enveloped in a cocoon of comfort and safety, perfectly primed for healing.


Profound Relaxation: The session's atmosphere and integrated modalities combine to ease you into a state of profound relaxation.

Emotional and Spiritual Clarity: Break free from emotional burdens and experience a clearer, more tranquil state of mind.

Revitalized Energy: Feel a renewed sense of vitality seep through your entire being, invigorating both physical and spiritual dimensions.

Sacred Connection: Engage with the spiritual realm through Angel Healing, and deepen your connection with your higher self.

Who is it for?

This healing experience is suitable for anyone seeking:

- Relief from physical or emotional pain
- A significant decrease in stress or anxiety
- Enhanced spiritual awareness and connection
- An immersive, deeply healing atmosphere

Time Commitment:

Each session is 45 minutes in duration. However, please plan for a full hour to ensure adequate time for initial relaxation and post-session grounding.

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