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Tom Boshans @AngelHealerTom

Reiki Master Trainer, IET Master-Instructor, Angel Healer, Psychic
Since childhood we are told to keep it down, be quiet, don’t do this, don’t do that. Don’t talk to strangers! Fear everything! All we hear is no, no, no. Am I right? What does this teach us? It sets a tone in our lives to suppress our feelings, hide our love and our passions, and to ultimately live in fear.

All of these are well intentioned of course, but ultimately do us more harm than good. These emotions get bottled up and stored deep in us, over time causing blockages – both emotional and physical.
People ask me all the time what do I do?So, I ask them, do you feel stressed, have guilt, distrust everyone, have shame, heartache, betrayal, anger, resentment? Fear? Fear is a big one, there are so many fears ingrained into us…

What I do is using a unique blend of Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy and the power of the Healing Angels, to gently and effectively remove and release emotions and baggage, imprint innocence, trust, freedom, support, love, safety, forgiveness, ease and more… for your highest good and highest healing.

My goal and my passion are to help each person find and fulfill their life’s purpose. To live a life filled with love, peace and light.

Come release your fears and stress and have the angels help raise your vibration in a unique and spiritual healing session.

Love, Peace and Light,
Tom Boshans

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