Terms and Conditions

You need to know that:
1. I am not a doctor
2. I do not practice medicine
3. I do not diagnose or treat for a specific illness.
4. I do not prescribe or adjust medication.

What is an Angel Healing Session?
Reiki and IET practitioners believe that our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies retain energies from our experiences. IET addresses nine cellular memory areas to adjust these retained energies. The primary benefits to IET are to clear retained energy blocks (such as fear) and to imprint empowerment virtues (such as safety). Clients may or may not feel the actual shifts during a session. Clients often feel relaxed and balanced after angel healing sessions. This state of being is advantageous to clear vision for direction to life’s choices and soul’s purpose.

What does an Angel Healing session do?
1. Reiki and IET promote energetic balance by helping us to remember and resonate to the energy of our divine blueprint.
2. Reiki and IET reduce stress and brings about relaxation.
3. Reiki and IET opens us up to our energetic potential to empower the envisioning, embracing and enacting of our soul’s purpose.

By agreeing to this form, I give my consent to an Angel Healing session. I understand I may discontinue sessions at any time. I believe that I am ultimately responsible for maintaining my health in the best way that is within my understanding. I believe that it is my choice in the method and in the person to assist me in the best way that is within my understanding. I or my representative(s) agree to full release and hold harmless Thomas Boshans from and against any and all claims or liability of whatsoever kind or nature arising out of or in connection with my session(s).